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Real Life Anti-Bella: Amelia Arsenic

In 2002, two Australians met on an online zine forum. Their names were Karl Learmont and Amelia Tan, and they fight crime they make music designed to make your head explode. Amelia was running a zine distro called Vox Populis, and with Karl's help, it became the biggest zine distro in the Southern Hemisphere.

Oh, and she was about seventeen. Just saying.

From there, the pair progressed to making their own zines, and then to making music. While Karl had been in bands before, and was providing most of the musical expertise (at least in the initial stages), Amelia's talent for art and design helped make Angelspit into one hell of a monster. From there, they waged musical war on just about everything they could, releasing a hell of a lot of CD's (nine in eight years (including remix CD's) and becoming an internationally-acclaimed duo of doom. Until they took on new band members and became an internationally-acclaimed quintet of doom, that is.

During this, Amelia started her own fashion and makeup line, A is for Arsenic, and moved to London. Not only does she do pretty much everything involving A is for Arsenic herself, she also designs and makes merchandise for Angelspit, helps other people design things, and keeps making music and touring. Which is a pretty solid effort.

Not to mention, she's also (according to just about everybody) one of the nicest people on the planet. And really bloody gorgeous.
Bella can only wish she was this awesome. 

Anti-Edwards: Beast

Well, folks, I've shown you why Belle far surpasses Bella, and now, let's see how much fellow protagonist trumps Edward.

That's right. This post is about the Beast (aka Adam).

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A Beauty, But A Funny Girl

Today, I'd like to talk about a woman who has a name similar to, but is completely unlike, Bella.

She is Belle. She's beautiful in her own special way, she loves to read, and she sees below the surface. Some people seriously compare her to Bella, say that her relationship with Beast is a lot like Bella and Edward's. Some of those people intend it as a compliment to both stories, some mean it as an insult to one or both stories. All of them are wrong. And Belle is no Bella Swan. Let me list the reasons why.

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Mrs. Brisby: Courage of the Heart

What does Don Bluth have in common with Stephenie Meyer?

They’re both Mormons and their values tend to influence their work, especially when it comes to extolling the virtues of motherhood. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Why did I bring this up?

Well, first things first, I’m gonna talk little about The Secret of NIMH.

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Sally: More a woman and human than Bella

My first post here to the community shall be one of my most favourite female characters ever. A character that is everything Bella is NOT. Warning, a small case of picspam, and also VERY long. I can't help it, I love her.

I present to you:
Sally, the lovely rag doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Awesome Women - Agrias Oaks, Lady Knight

This post is spoiler heavy for the game Final Fantasy Tactics, but really only for the first mission and some of the backstory. 
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Name: Jessica Packwood, from Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
Age: 17 (18 by the end)
Why She Pwns Bella: When the Really Hawt exchange student from Romania, Lucius Vladescu, tells Jessica that he's a vampire and her long-lost fiancee (they're both vampire royalty and were betrothed as infants), Jessica, who's adopted, tells him to feck off and take his bag of crazy with him. Unfortunately, he's living in the apartment above her family's garage and they're both seniors, so she can't exactly avoid having to see and talk to him, but that doesn't mean she has to be more than polite. Her parents back Lucius' story, but it takes her a while to finally accept that they're telling the truth--but she's still not going to marry a guy she hardly knows and doesn't much like.

Slowly, she does come around as she sees he's not a total jackass and Lucius loosens up and becomes less arrogant, and it's right about then shit starts hitting the fan and Jessica ends up having to go to Romania after to claim her birthright and try and talk some sense into Lucius.

Publisher's Weekly says "This first novel quickly bursts ahead of the pack of Twilight-wannabes...", and they're right. Jessica is an Everygirl who doesn't think at the beginning she's anything special to look at, has a crush on Jake, a nice Everyguy in her grade, has a BFF she shares everything with, and makes decent grades because she studies and does her homework. She's good at math and has been a Mathlete through high school, wants her senior year to be the best ever, loves and respects her parents but butts heads with them from time to time, and has weaknesses but doesn't feel the need to bring them up every five minutes. Oh, and she doesn't have lots of guys drooling and tagging along at her heels. She fumbles through overtures with Jake in a way that was painfully familiar to me because I have so been there before.
Hello comm! Glad to be here. :3

The part about us being able to state our love for women who eat, sleep and breathe awesomeness is part of what drew me to join this community, because what I more or less do to deal with the sheer rage that Bella and her whiny, immature, and ridiculously codependent behavior is to meditate on my favorite fandom women who could more than easily kick her silly-twit butt.

So... Smallville, anyone? I've only just gotten into it, but I have a favorite woman already- And she is badass.

(AKA: That one person you never want to get on the bad side of)

(MAJOR SPOILERS) The Billion Ways in Which Tess Mercer is Made of AwesomeCollapse )

Welcome, all!

It was only yesterday that, over at das_sporking, I expressed my personal wish that someone create a comm in which everyone who was vehemently against characters like Bella Swan and her (almost) counterpart Ana Steele of Fifty Shades of Grey got a chance to discuss, write, and share stories about female characters who are actually really awesome, and not because they pine for horrible men to notice them and discard every other aspect of their lives when said horrible men begin bossing them around.

Before I knew it, gehayi, rebelatnight, and chibi_regalli were encouraging me to head such a comm myself. Well, the mob has spoken and I obey!

On this comm, you are free to discuss any and all Kickass Female Characters from books, movies, TV, and original fiction. A few ground rules before we begin:

-You can post excerpts from your own work, both fanfic and original, if you so choose, but PLEASE remember that both the LJ cut and HTML are your friends! If you forget to use the cut, I will remind you. (Trust me, nothing kills a flist faster than an uncut 5,000 word excerpt.)

-No trolling, and no feeding of trolls. If you suspect troll activity, PM me and I will see to it immediately.

-Please check spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting a story! If you do not have a beta, get one! Better completely coherent than sorry.

-Tag your fic entries! Use your name,  your fic rating, the series you're writing for (name of TV show, book series, or Original Fic) and length of the fic in question.

-Use the proper embedding codes for any and all videos.

-Please make your posts about more than just how much you hate a particular author or their FC. We all know what makes us mad about certain female characters, and you are free to say as much, but don't just bash one FC or author over and over again. Tell us what kind of FCs you like and why!

-No flaming or flame wars. EVERYBODY PLAY NICE. I encourage thorough discussions about why one FC who works from home and raises children is just as good as an FC who likes to forge weapons and be a vigilante warrior. But let's keep our minds open. Here are a few reminders about what really constitutes a weak, passive female character:

The Four Deadly Sins of Weak FCsCollapse )

Basically, I want everyone on here to have a good time and talk freely about what kind of female characters they like, love, and wish to see more of in every medium possible. We all know that weak, fragile women who depend solely on awful men are being put up on pedestals all the time. And it's important that we remind ourselves, each other and our readers that our Female Characters will Not Be Having With This.

Have fun!