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Anti-Bellas, Unite!

Well-behaved women rarely make history...or compelling reads.

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Anti-Bella: The Quest for More Kickass Females
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Love strong, capable Female Characters? Tell us why!
Anti_Bella is a community for writers, readers, and admirers of genuinely strong and intelligent female characters throughout literature, TV shows, movies, etc. Let's face it--for every Bella Swan or Ana Steele, we have an Elizabeth Bennet, Buffy Summers, and Susan Sto-Helit. Strong female characters who kick ass in word as well as deed are not gone, nor should they be forgotten!

Get to know your fellow FC fans, tell us about your personal favorite women of books or TV, and even share an Original Fic or fanfic if you like. Please read and abide by the rules of the comm as posted in the first entry!

And as always, play nice with each other!

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